Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy 20th!

Hope you all had a good time. We will see five years from now if you are all ready to do it over again. It should be a lot easier to get in contact then. Let's all keep in touch on facebook. For those of you who weren't able to come, please try to contact me if you are interested in keeping in touch.

Those in attendance for this reunion were: Chuck Alexander, Dustie Anway, Brittany Bradford, Kandi Brissinger, Lester Casoose, Jessica Coil, Clint Cranford, Ken Daniels, Jason Eagar, Jonna Earl, Dalton Earl, Darin Emerald, Kristi Hamblin, Heather Hardt, Linda Hill, Troy Hatch, Lori Holland, Edwin Horak, Donna Lambert, Leslie Lester, Vona Lesueur, Jim Malone, Jerry Matthews, Ladonna Morris, Robert Michael, Danny Muth, Casey Murphy, Pam Nozie, Lisa Sanders, Steven Shumway, Mike Shrake, Calvin Silva (Dirkin DeSilva), Duane Slade, Jamie Slade, Mace Slade, Chris Smith, Guy Tool, Brian Wiltbank - 38 - not bad!

Town BBQ

Fourth of July Parade - 2009

Reunion Dinner - July 3, 2009

Girls luncheon at Java Blues

Monday, July 6, 2009

That was then, This is Now!!

10-year reunion